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Landis Studio

Robert L. Landis

Studio in Eagan Minnesota

Wine Painter

Several years ago, I started painting still lifes for different Wineries. I wanted to bring attention to our local wineries through my paintings and put their labels in a still life setting. I still enjoy painting various settings of wine for Wineries and private commissions. Wine is a timeless subject.

Thomas Stiltz was a big influence on me for wine portraits. After meeting him at a gallery art show in Edina Minnesota and viewing his amazing work up close, I decided, this is how I want to paint wine, with a kind of flair as though it looked like people were enjoying it as it was being painted. I enjoy the light gathering and the reflections in the glass. You can make a different story in every reflection.

Christine Tierney, my mentor and teacher, has taught me the rudiments of Flemish painting and many techniques for classical realism, which I now apply in my commemorative paintings.

Retirement and Fire Fighter Paintings

I create custom retirement paintings, from my studio in Eagan Minnesota, commemorating the career or job my clients have performed. I prefer to go to the work site or office and use the personal items which that customer used every day. For Firemen, Military or Law Enforcement, I'll paint the helmet or hat as though they just hung it upon something after a hard shift, or hung up the personal equipment for the last time.

Currently, Iím busy with these wine and retirement paintings but in the future when I have completed more anatomy studies, I plan to expand my venues to include fantastic art portraits and Biblical Art.

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